JUDA High is dedicated to giving our oldest JUDAers an experience that they can relate to and truly learn from.

With field trips and sophisticated art such as wood working, pottery making, Virtual Reality learning, cooking and baking, we hope to instill kindness, generosity, and proud Jewish values in our 7th and 8th graders.

Master fluency in Hebrew reading.

Leadership opportunities helping to lead the younger JUDAers.

Demonstrate their knowledge of the Hebrew language by reading from Prayer books and writing in Hebrew.

JUDA High will continue to master reading levels in Gray and Black in Aleph Champ.

In the Jewish High course, students will be able to delve into questions they may have, deep concepts and the purpose of a Jew.

Delve deep into the history, make-up, culture, and geography of the land of Israel. They will see up close what Israel is and be able to identify and connect with the land and its inhabitants.  

Share their knowledge and deepen their Jewish identity through community projects and service learning

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