Chai Club




You can be a partner in building a vibrant Jewish future in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Most Temples require obligatory dues in order to belong. At Chabad of Loudoun County we believe that every Jew is already a member. We do not charge a mandatory, one size fits all membership. We have an open-door policy, where every single Jew is welcomed and made to feel at home, regardless of affiliation or finances.

But keeping our doors open is not cheap. Aside from our monthly maintenance bills, our budget has grown significantly with children's programs, teen programs, Bar-Bat Mitzvah, adult education, Shabbat and Holiday Services, weekly classes, women's programs, social services and Holiday Programming. 

Welcome to our Chai Club!

Chai means life. Our heart pumps every single day. 115,000 times each day. We often don’t think about the things that keep us alive. But these consistent and sometimes small things are so very important to living.

A crucial element of our financial stability comes from becoming a Monthly Partner, committed to being a part of everything we do. By pledging to a consistent monthly investment in Chabad of Loudoun County - this partnership of our Monthly Giving Circle are indeed the lifeline of all our achievements.

As a convenience, we would be grateful and recommend you choose our hassle-free monthly credit card billing to be automatically charged on the first or fifteenth of every month. At any time you wish, you can increase, decrease or cancel your monthly pledge.

Join our Chai Club; become our life; and together we will build a vibrant Jewish tomorrow!

Please join today and help us build community, every day.


Rabbi Chaim and Yehudis Cohen


Chabad of Loudoun County is growing strongly, and these folks with their big hearts are right in the middle of it. You are looking at Chabad of Loudoun Counties proud Chai Club members: They, along with all Chabad of Loudoun's Chai Club members, are the driving force behind this awesome family, and we are beyond thankful ❤️


Sara Holditch • Maraly Lewis • Yaakov Gurwitz • Menachem Siegal • Ralph and Vicki Edwards • Amy Adams • Ofer and Hila Ben-Mergui • Moishe Meir Lipszyc • David Milstien • Mendel Jacobson • Meir and Shlomit Guige • Lauren and Phillip Law • Brad and Jamie Kernus • Zalmy and Gitty Cohen • Michael and Joan Elkon • Toby and Veronica Vance •  Anonymous • Gary and Lesley Katz • Michael J Myer • Sara and Yoni Guigue • Keith Malkin • Anonymous • Jorge Bravo • Anonymous • Ritta Volovich • Adam and Goli Tiffen • Dale and Albert Citron