Our JUDA High curriculum is structured as a weekly ‘club’ where students learn, discuss, and practice practical hands-on skills.

Students engage in comprehensive Jewish education, deepening their knowledge of Jewish traditions, mitzvot, customs, rituals, and values. Lessons and discussions explore topics such as Torah study, Jewish history, ethics, and the significance of becoming a “Mitzvah Master” (having full ownership of their Judaism).

Students are given the opportunity to develop practical skills within the framework of Judaism. For example, they will have the opportunity to learn and practice First Aid while learning the Torah’s perspective on Pikuach Nefesh, perilous situations. The program also encourages and provides opportunities for active participation in community service projects and acts of kindness.

JUDA High also allows for students to immerse themselves in Jewish culture, traditions, and heritage. Activities may include exploring Jewish music and art, celebrating Jewish holidays, and engaging with guest speakers who share their Jewish experiences.

Each lesson concludes with a challenge that each student can take on to apply what they learned in their everyday lives. 

JUDA High will embark on an enriching journey throughout the year, divided into seven units. Each phase offers unique opportunities for personal growth, exploration, and engagement with Jewish values and traditions. Together, these phases create a comprehensive and transformative experience for participants, allowing them to truly own their Judaism.

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