JUDA Curriculum

Grades 2-3


Our students learn to read, write, and speak conversational Hebrew. They gain confidence and familiarity with the Siddur-Hebrew Prayer Book. At JUDA we use the world-renowned, critically acclaimed Aleph Champ program to ensure that your child will read Hebrew by the end of his/her JUDA experience. In every lesson, Hebrew vocabulary related to the subject material is introduced and students are encouraged to use the Hebrew terminology to build on their Hebrew oratory skills. 

The JUDA Hebrew Language program is designed so that at the conclusion of JUDA Hebrew High each student is confident in reading, writing, and speaking Hebrew. 




Judaism provides values that give individuals the tools to maximize their experience of life. JUDA students will explore Jewish values that will guide them throughout their journey into adulthood.




While experiencing our Jewish traditions, Holidays, and Shabbat, students gain a deeper understanding and love of our unique heritage.




Students study the weekly Torah portion which provides practical lessons that apply to our daily lives.




Our students will attain a love for our homeland, Israel. With our brand new, C-Kids developed curriculum, Adventure Through the Holy Land, they will learn about Israel’s history, geography, and our connection to the Holy Land.




Your child will gain an appreciation of our Jewish history and culture that has been preserved throughout the ages.