Chabad Corona Taskforce

We at Chabad of Loudoun County understand the high level of concern surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. As an organization, we are implementing proactive procedures to ensure the safety of our community.

In addition to the protective measures, we have mounted a proactive effort to provide the entire Loudoun community with support. Chabad task force will be available to deliver essential food and supplies to anyone who does not feel safe or cannot leave their home.

If you need a listening ear, feel free to reach out to Rabbi Chaim at Cell: (248) 298-9279.

If you are 65+ or are immunocompromised, please click on the Staying Home tab below or email us here: will add you to our list and assign a volunteer in your area. 
Qualifications for help:
1. If you are 65+ (even if you think you feel healthy)
2. Sick  or immunocompromised (even if under the age of 65)
Yehi Ratzon, May it be G-ds will, that through our collective acts of goodness and kindness during this challenging time, we merit to see the day when all sickness will be eradicated and the world will only know of good health. May this be speedily in our days. Amen!

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