Trailblazing a Jewish Tomorrow!

Dear Friend,

In 2018, we embarked on a one-way journey from New York to Virginia to establish the inaugural Chabad house in Loudoun County. From the moment we arrived we began connecting with the local community, hosting an array of holiday celebrations, Jewish learning opportunities, social events, and humanitarian initiatives.

We opened the Village Shul in 2019 and the Juda Hebrew School in 2021, significantly enhancing Loudoun County’s Jewish landscape. However, our community's growth has been inhibited by one crucial missing element - a place to call home.  

With our programs spread out over several leased spaces, we have long been seeking to purchase a suitable property to build a warm, welcoming home for our community - a central hub to encompass and enrich all of Chabad’s activities.

Now, that long-awaited opportunity has finally arrived!

The following presentation provides a visual insight into the details of this extraordinary opportunity, outlining both the short and long-term vision for this groundbreaking project.

Thank you for taking the time to review this presentation. We would be honored if you would partner with us in building a brighter future for Jewish life in Loudoun County.


Rabbi Chaim & Yehudis Cohen

Phase 1: Property Purchase

The first phase of our capital campaign is our current call to action: to close on this dream 6.6 acre property before the deadline approaches!

Projected Date of Completion: July, 2024

Projected Cost: $900,000

Phase 2: Design & Authorization

The second phase encompasses the architectural design, structural engineering, and securing legal zoning approval. 

Projected Date of Completion: Winter, 2025.

Projected Cost: $500,000

Phase 3: Physical Construction

Phase Three: Physical Construction The final phase of the campaign entails the physical construction—a commitment to establish a 12,000 sq ft community center that will uphold the flame of Judaism for generations to come.  

Projected Date of Completion:

Projected Cost: $5 million


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